BAJI Reader, Spring 2011

The BAJI Reader is a publication of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.  It contains articles that expose the powerful forces that are forcing migrants across borders to find work and make a convincing case that African Americans and immigrants must come together to fight for social and economic justice for all.

While immigration reform legislation is stalled in Congress and the Dream Act was defeated last year, fair and just immigration reform is still an urgent need for the millions of undocumented immigrants who are demonized and marginalized. In this edition of the BAJI Reader, “The African Diaspora Speaks Out on Immigration,” a number of African American, African, Afro-Latino and Afro-Caribbean leaders write about various aspects of immigration reform from the perspective of their communities.

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BAJI Reader Table of Contents

The African Diaspora Speaks Out on Immigration

Black Voices Call for a New Approach to Immigration Reform
Gerald Lenoir and Leah Wise

Faith Without Borders
A Sacred Co-journeying Towards Just Immigration
Rev. Kelvin Sauls

Immigration Reform We Can Believe In
Ending Criminalization and Enforcement in our Communities
Marlon Peterson and Janis Rosheuvel

Do Not Tamper with the Constitution
Eric Ward

Statement of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration on
the Attacks on Birthright Citizenship and the Fourteenth

From Poverty to Prosperity
The Roots Causes of Poverty and Migration in Haiti
Francesca Menes

We Stand with Haiti
A Statement from the Black Alliance for Just Immigration

The Liberian Story—A Search for Stability and Security
Oni Richards Waritay