BAJI Phoenix Chapter

BAJI Phoenix was established in Spring 2011 with the assistance of several Arizonans and BAJI’s National Organizer who resides in Arizona.

With the passing of SB 1070, the ban on Affirmative Action and challenges to Ethnic Studies, Arizona is at the epicenter of the fight for democracy in the Unitd States. And Arizona in many ways is a testing ground for new machinations of racism and xenophobic anti-immigrant legislation. Therefore, it is imperative that movement building work must be sustained to stop this.

The Phoenix chapter is volunteer-based and comprised of men and women who represent different segments of the black communities.  Some are immigrants and some are U.S.-born blacks. BAJI Phoenix members are everyday people. Some participate in faith-based communities or are faith leaders, others students, writers, activitsts, educators, or work for non-profit organizations or run their own business.


  • STOP ICE – Pinal County Jail Contract
  • a campaign to end migrant detention centers. These centers are an extension of the private prison industry that targets communities of color and will stand to benefit from racial profiling laws like SB 1070.
  • Against Arpaio and Prison Industrial Complex
  • Political Education Film Series